Friday, 5 March 2010

If there is one thing we have learnt from zombies it is that you can never have enough brains. Therefore we have not one, but two guest posts for you this week from blogging aficionados Gavin from NextRead and Carolyn from BookChickCity. These guys really know their stuff and for those not acquainted with their brilliant book blogs then shame on you!

Before we reveal their fantastic guest posts – we asked them both: how would you survive the zombie apocalypse? Check out their answers below!

Carolyn, BookChickCity:
I'd travel to a small rural village to hide out, less zombies. I'd keep fit, so I could outrun them. Own guns, lots of them. Shoot their heads clean off, without hesitation. It's the only way to survive...

Gavin, NextRead:
Should I go out fighting? Load up the guns and ammo and take Casters Last Stand? Or do the sensible thing and see what water, tinned goods, candles etc I can find and head off into the hills and live out my final days in peace reading something big and chunky?

It's gotta depend if they are slow and lumbering and brainless I'd go for shooting them like ducks off the top of shopping centre roof. I know i'd rather be dead than brainless - though if they are bit more dangerous I'd be hiking into the Brecon Becons as fast as my legs would take me!

I'm not that good a shot!


  1. BookChickCity, you are one tough lady ... wouldn’t like to meet you in a dark alley..
    Nextread...a very thoughtful approach to the whole zombie issue..
    I have an idea.. come to to Norway .. a lot of rural land, mountains , islands and fjords (zombies can’t swim), and BookChickCity can protect us both ... with guns and her stoic appearance
    We will leave forever.. (and we need internet , so we can blog tips to the world about zombie survival

  2. Hi Visionscifi - I definitely one tough cookie ;) I would protect you boys don't you worry. Just stay behind me and I'll lead the way.. me and my guns with no hesitation to shoot. LOL