Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Welcome to the realm of The Living Dead

Since the news got out about the acquisition of legendary director George A Romero’s first novel there has been an outbreak of zombie mania at Headline. Not surprisingly, it is contagious.

Patient Zero was acquiring editor and associate publisher Vicki Mellor, and her undead enthusiasm quickly spread to Jess Fawcett, Claire Morrison and Sam Eades. Together we are the Headline Zombies and this is our brand spanking new blog!

We wanted to share our excitement at the forthcoming release of the definitive zombie novel The Living Dead (July 2010) and our love for anything and everything zombie.

We will bring you exclusive book news, videos, excerpts, giveaways as well as reviews of our favourite zombie films, books and merchandise (zombie slippers anyone?!).

Each Friday we will also feature posts from Romero's biggest fans - who we have affectionately named our ‘guest geeks’! Get ready for guest posts from influential bloggers RobAroundBooks, BookChickCity and the Speculative Scotsman as well as the Headline Zombies' other halves!


  1. It appears I'm the first zombie to have shambled my way to The Living Dead blog. Thus, though I take no pleasure from it, I feel it is my duty to say, or rather groan: mmmmrgrgaaaargh.

    Something along those lines, in any case.

    Can't wait to get this zombie army started!

  2. Awesome - I'm so excited! I love all things Romero and zombie!

  3. Looking forward to joining you here on The Realm of the Living Dead in March! Cannot wait for the book release, it sounds fantastic and from the master of all things zombie no less ;)

  4. I need to start practising my zombie groan! We are filming our zombie make-up tutorial on Friday, can't wait! fake blood and grey face paint all the way!